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When the Mice and Mentors Co-op was starting to organize their production of Translations by Brian Friel, one of their members, Lara Rose Tansey, who had given me a rave review for my designs for The Lady's Not For Burning, suggested my name. Bless her heart. I had a fantastic time working with this group of very dedicated professionals.

Unfortunately, archive costume pictures weren't taken, but I have some lovely publicity shots provided by lighting designer, Sean Tyson. And I managed to work out a deal with United Players wherein they paid for the costumes, which assisted the budget of the impoverished little co-op and helped UP with their ongoing collection of period costumes. Pretty smart, huh?

Rebecca Walters as Bridget and Julia Henderson as Sarah. I found a lovely pink linen for Rebecca and a coarse "country" sort of trim for her dress. We didn't go with the regular corsetry of the period, as the production was quite physical and we didn't want to contrict the actor's movements. Plus, as country characters, their corsetry would have been much softer and more flexible than that in the fashion plates of the period.

Derek Carr as Hugh, the father character. The tail coats were borrowed from United Players. I actually like the slight ill-fit of them, for these characters.

Glenn Surzyshyn was wonderful as the classically educated bumpkin, Jimmy Jack.

Kennedy Goodkey as Lancey. We borrowed one British uniform from United Players, and I made another one for our two British officers. I honestly can't remember which one this is. Which is good, I guess.

Or maybe I made this one... This is Jonny Patterson as Yolland.

Adam Henderson as Manus.

Julia Henderson and Adam Henderson as Sarah and Manus.

Sarah was the only character with two costumes, and this dark green dress was for the second act.

Julia Henderson, Lara Rose Tansey and Michael Shore. I wish I had a better picture of Lara Tansey, as she was both the lead and particularly lovely in her off the shoulder dress, which added a great deal to the sexuality and vulnerability of her character, Maire.

Cast shot. Back row, L to R; Mike Shore, Glenn Surzyshyn, Lara Rose Tansey. Derek Carr.
Front Row, L to R; Jamie Ogden, Rebecca Walters, Julia Henderson.

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